Optimize Each Step of the Guest Journey

Improve guest satisfaction at each touchpoint – from marketing to booking to check-in to post-stay follow-up – while maximizing revenue every step of the way. Deploy deeply integrated, cloud-based software built in an open, API-first framework that reduces the cost, time and development work associated with connecting systems.​​

Optimize Your Channel Mix

Send real-time rates and inventory to your booking engine and third-party distribution partners to reduce acquisition costs and reach the right travelers on their preferred channels.

Personalize the Guest Experience

Centralize guest data and serve it up at the right times along the customer journey to help hotels build better loyalty and engagement.

Drive Revenue and Profitability

Use accurate short- and long-term forecasts to make data-driven decisions and measure KPIs based on their impact on flow-through to the bottom line.

CRS | Central Reservation System

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Windsurfer® CRS is a fully-customizable distribution platform and booking engine for independents and small brands.

  • Welcome guests to your digital lobby and provide them the content and booking options they are looking for.
  • Optimize your distribution strategy to drive incremental demand on channels where your guests are shopping.
  • Shift share to your direct website, which will result in the highest profitability and better guest connections.

CRM | Customer Relationship Management

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Maverick CRM leverages guest data to help build targeted offers that convert higher and tailor experiences that resonate with guests.

  • Personalize the guest experience by actioning profile and preference data throughout the guest journey.
  • Optimize customer engagement through targeted marketing campaign strategies and improved communication.
  • Maintain your database of loyalty members and frequent guests to build repeat business.

RMS | Revenue Management System

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Wave RMS allows hoteliers to build accurate forecasts and use AI-driven pricing algorithms to ensure they’re capturing the most revenue on every booking.

  • Define optimal segments of your business mix to refine your pricing strategies for each type of customer.
  • Rely on accurate, AI-driven short- and long-term forecasts that adjust dynamically to current market conditions.
  • Implement automated tools and workflows that allow your team to work more efficiently.
What makes SHR unique?

You are

SHR works with each and every hotel partner to customize a solution and develop your unique revenue generation strategy.

Deeply integrated

SHR’s products are deeply integrated to share data in real time, helping hoteliers avoid a patchwork of siloed technology systems.

Backed by

SHR’s analytical platforms ingest and analyze all the relevant data sets to help hoteliers make better decisions across their entire business.

Some of our biggest fans
Some of our biggest fans

Visual Composer Parallax effect background allows creating simple and beautiful parallax effects for your WordPress website in seconds. Simply choose an image you want to use in your background and select parallax style.

Visual Composer Parallax Effect

Visual Composer Parallax effect background allows creating simple and beautiful parallax effects for your WordPress website in seconds. Simply choose an image you want to use in your background and select parallax style.

Parallax Styles

Select from different parallax effect styles that come pre-packed with your Visual Composer package.

One Click Option

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Modern Websites

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All-in-One Parallax Effect

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How to Add Parallax Effect?

Navigate to the row settings where you would like to apply parallax effect and choose ‘Edit’.

Select parallax style you want to use from the drop-down menu in the row settings window.

Select image from your Media Library that you want to use in your parallax effect and ‘Save’ changes.

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