Beyond the Roulette Wheel: Revenue Generation for the New Casino


Contributed by Paula Perrin, Sr. Market Analyst, SHR The Casino model that naturally revolved around gambling revenue is changing. For the first time in history, room profits are outpacing gambling profits in Las Vegas. In Macau, the traditionally easy flow of gaming revenue has been steadily falling for at least the past two years. Though […]

Owning the Guest Journey: Why it Matters and How to Get it Right

Contributed by Estella Hale, VP of Product, SHR Most hoteliers already know that in today’s increasingly competitive market, the guest experience has never been more important, and the research backs this up. According to a recent Gallup study, fully-engaged guests, those who identified most strongly with the hotel, spent $588 per visit compared with $403 […]

Your Top 10 Hotel Booking Engine Must-Haves

Your Top 10 Hotel Booking Engine Must-Haves

Contributed by Angelo Directo, VP of Application Design & Development, SHR The best booking engine features today center around better consistency in everything you do for your hotel guests. It’s this kind of consistency that leads to conversions.”—Wendy Norris, Valencia Group As hotel booking engines offer more and more choices, being able to pick the […]

HITEC 2017: The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Our Booth

HITEC 2017

Contributed by Jason Emanis, VP of Marketing HITEC 2017 is just a few days away, and we are packing up to see everyone in Toronto! While we’re waiting for the rest of the marketing team to find their passports, we wanted to share with you a list of the reasons you’re going to want to […]

Balancing Your Hotel Software Stack

hotel software stack

Contributed by Estella Hale, VP of Product, SHR As if the hotel industry weren’t tough enough, studies have come out this year from STR Global that predict an occupancy drop for the first time since the Recession of 2008, plus an easing of RevPAR. The main reason for this is the incredible volume of new […]

Understanding the PMS/CRS/RO Connection for Your Best Distribution Strategy

Contributed by Estella Hale, VP of Product, SHR Most hoteliers know that in their increasingly competitive hotel markets, fully-functioning technology channels are key. Just one stroll around any HITEC show floor will reveal the myriad and often mind-boggling choices being offered today. Yet many hoteliers are still having trouble getting the most out of their […]

Boost Resort Revenue with Your Ideal CRS Configuration

boost revenue

Contributed by Ian Kemp, Client Experience Manager for Major Accounts, SHR “Resorts are more about the guest experience than any other type of hotel. Remember to speak to that in everything you do.” —Sandy Hartmann, Marcus Hotels and Resorts Today’s leisure markets have never been more competitive. With limited time frames to boost their revenues […]

SHR Innovation Summit 2017: Shaping the Future of Hospitality Together

By Jason Emanis, Vice President of Marketing, SHR SHR is founded on the belief that companies have an obligation to invest resources not simply for their own benefit, but for the benefit of their clients, and in a larger sense, for their industry and the world. It is through this belief that SHR has simplified […]

Associate Spotlight: Chris Collins

Chris Collins

Starting with SHR this past October as Director of Technical Support, Chris has brought to the role a decidedly customer-focused mindset, coupled with deep software development expertise. Perhaps this is not surprising, considering that prior to SHR, Chris held multiple technology leadership positions, including a 12-year tenure as Director of Cloud Services for Bridgeway Software. […]

Mastering Sell Limits: Why Your Demand Strategy Depends on It

Contributed by Estella Hale, VP of Product WHAT IS A SELL LIMIT? To understand how to use sell limits to their best advantage, it’s important to first fully understand what they are and why we use them. The concept of a sell limit is common in the hospitality industry and revolves around the selling of […]