Mastering Sell Limits: Why Your Demand Strategy Depends on It

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Contributed by Estella Hale, VP of Product WHAT IS A SELL LIMIT? To understand how to use sell limits to their best advantage, it’s important to first fully understand what they are and why we use them. The concept of a sell limit is common in the hospitality industry and revolves around the selling of […]

The Making of a Revolution: 4 Actions You Can Take Now Toward Total RM

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By Sarah Jones, Director of Revenue Management & Special Projects, SHR In the recent Skift article, Hotel Revenue Managers Say They Want a Revolution, author Sean O’Neill explores the question of why, if this is true, real changes have been slow in coming. He draws this conclusion by comparing Cornell University studies from 2010 and […]

Beyond Booking: Why Harnessing the Power of OTAs is Worth the Cost

Power of OTAs

Contributed by Sarah Jones, Director of Revenue Management & Special Projects, SHR Most hoteliers understand that Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), once regarded as mere intermediaries, have matured to become the main and often customer-preferred room booking route world-wide. But what if you could go beyond booking and turn your OTA into a hybrid tool that […]

A Different Power: Female Executives in Hospitality Technology

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In a recent study from Cornell University on female executives in hospitality, it was reported that while women make up 52.4 percent of the labor force in these companies, they constitute only 15.5 percent of executive officers. And in hospitality technology, the numbers are even lower. At SHR, there are two female executives on a […]

Curated Rates: Using Relevant Content to Boost Bookings

curated rates

What are curated rates? To understand curated rates, we first need to understand what curating means. To curate something means to organize and display content in a meaningful way for a particular result. For our purposes here, “content” will be defined as the booking availability response from your hotel to your guests. This request and […]

The PMS/CRS Connection: Mastering Their Integration to Maximize Distribution

The PMS and CRS Connection

“Your system is only as good as what you put into it—it’s junk in, junk out—so choose carefully.” —Todd Farber In today’s ultra-competitive hotel market, hoteliers know that fully-functioning distribution channels are key. Yet many of them are still having trouble getting the most out of their channels. The root of the problem can often […]

Blended Rates: The Power of True Availability

True Availability with Blended Rates

At SHR, one of our main goals is to really listen to our clients. And one topic we’ve been hearing about for the last couple of years concerns the limitations of the traditional internet booking engine, or IBE, particularly the issue of booking abandonment. It seems that while most hoteliers know that booking engines have […]

Webinar: Chicken Soup for the Independent Hotel Booking Engine

Chicken Soup

10 WAYS TO BRING HAPPINESS TO YOUR GUESTS’ BOOKING EXPERIENCE View our conversation with SHR’s Vice President of Design, Angelo Directo, and special guest, Emily Assender from Triptease. We cover ten things that will put a smile on the face of your guests—and you. On this webinar, you’ll learn about: Developing a relationship with your […]

5 Tactics Revenue Managers Use to Maximize Revenue and Why

Revenue Meeting

Contributed by Sarah Jones, Director of Revenue Management & Special Projects, SHR “No matter your revenue strategy, we all know there’s one constant. Do your homework.” —Teresa Stowell In a recent webinar, we brought together SHR’s Area Directors of Revenue Management Nicole Adair, Mark Cowan, and Teresa Stowell, to learn about the latest in revenue […]

Rethinking Your OTA Relationship


It’s time to rethink relationships with OTAs. Too many hoteliers are still taking an adversarial approach with these companies, but hard feelings can be put aside, a strong OTA relationship can be very helpful to a property’s business mix and its bottom line. During a roundtable discussion held in Washington, D.C. last month and hosted […]