Associate Spotlight: Chris Collins

Chris Collins

Starting with SHR this past October as Director of Technical Support, Chris has brought to the role a decidedly customer-focused mindset, coupled with deep software development expertise. Perhaps this is not surprising, considering that prior to SHR, Chris held multiple technology leadership positions, including a 12-year tenure as Director of Cloud Services for Bridgeway Software. It’s this kind of experience that has endowed her with not only solid team-building skills but also with the drive and mental sharpness necessary to quickly gain a deep understanding of the functionality and features of the Windsurfer CRS.

If you looked in the SHR dictionary of values under “service,” Chris’ picture would be right there. She is no stranger to putting in many a late night, and even some all-nighters—whatever it takes to get the job done. As a personal champion of customer service excellence, she works hard to instill that attitude within her team, always choosing to lead by example, having the integrity to own issues rather than passing them off. Add to this her energy, dedication, and pure persistence, and it’s easy to see how she has made a palpable impact on our business, setting new standards for support in the process.

And although Chris’ personal life is very full, including raising two children, she and her husband have almost accomplished the very impressive goal of visiting every state in the U.S. Next on her list? The great state of Hawaii! Here’s to many more years of technical and customer service excellence with Chris Collins leading the way.