Millennium Hotels

Client Information

Millennium Hotels and Resorts 114 hotels in over 70 business and leisure destinations in Asia, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Specific Product/Service

Custom booking engine design and development

Situation Analysis

In mid-2013 Millennium Hotels approached SHR to provide them with a new booking experience as part of their migration to the Windsurfer CRS. This request coincided with our own plans to create the next version of our web-based booking engine. We combined the goals of these 2 initiatives. Starting with an agreed-upon list of requirements, we collaborated with Millennium to create an entirely new and innovative online booking experience. The project lasted for approximately 8 months.

SHR Approach

Millennium’s previous booking engine had a more conventional, static user experience with a separate UI for desktop and mobile devices. Millennium was frustrated not only with this older user experience, but with also a lack of response and flexibility from their provider in regards to their enhancement requests. The new opportunity with SHR to re-envision the consumer booking experience, brought to light several strategic design goals: (1) accommodate their current website and branding, (2) allow for better merchandising of packages and rates, (3) create more opportunities to sell non-room products and add-ons, (4) improve the user experience on mobile devices, and (5) implement new tactics to reduce abandonment in the checkout tunnel.


The outcome of this effort was the launch of our new TopSail booking engine customized to meet the needs and goals defined in this collaboration with Millennium Hotels.

The interface is completely branded to accommodate Millennium’s visual identity.

An enhanced integration with the CRS allows Millennium to merchandise their many rates and packages in a flexible online storefront. The overall user experience takes much from e-commerce in appropriating the shopping cart metaphor. This metaphor was envisioned to make the shopping experience more familiar to the guest and enable the possibility of selling more hotel-sponsored products and services – both room and non-room-based products – within each reservation.

The UI of Millennium’s new booking engine is completely responsive, so a wide range of device resolutions from desktop-to-tablet-to-mobile could be accommodated.

Other innovative abandonment-reduction tactics were developed such as “Save for Later” and “Call to Continue.”

Through this collaboration with Millennium Hotels, we have created and deployed an entirely new guest booking experience which provides a platform that Millennium can not only use to better merchandise their products and services but it’s a platform that presents a much more shopping-focused experience to their guests regardless if what device or context.

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