Javier Serrano

Javier Serrano

VP of Revenue Solutions | Wave

As Vice President of Revenue Solutions at SHR (Sceptre Hospitality Resources), Javier is responsible for the strategic leadership and direction of the company’s Wave RMS & RMH (Revenue Management for Hire) business segments, with a focus on driving efficiency, product development, growth, and expansion. He is highly experienced at leveraging data to support both strategic and real-time decisions.

Javier specializes in maximizing hotel, leisure, sports, and entertainment assets´ performance and profitability through data, analytics, and benchmarking. Prior to founding and leading Sports Industry Research, he helped lead significant data-driven transformations, most recently in the Lodging industry. He is the former Country Manager for the Iberian Markets at STR.

Javier is a Revenue Management certified by the Cornell University professional with over twenty years of experience in the Hotel and Airline industries combined with a MBA in Global Business Administration & Corporate Strategy at EOI Business School, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality & Business Management at Leeds Beckett University.

Javier began his career in the tourism and travel industry in a Spanish airline in Madrid before moving to London, where he continued to develop his professional career focused on the hotel industry. Javier has travelled extensively globally having worked in different markets across Europe, United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, Javier is a speaker and an invited master’s degree lecturer at universities and industry organizations. Javier is a Husband and Father of 2, who loves travel, sports, music, and road-surfing on his H-R Street Rod 750.

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