SHR Introduces Bridge to Automate Processes and Increase Efficiency

Bridge simplifies the connection between a hotel’s technology ecosystem so operators can automate processes and workflows for different applications, driving both efficiency and revenue.

HOUSTON, May 19, 2021 — Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR), a leading provider of technology that helps hotels execute their best revenue generation strategies, has unveiled an innovative platform that automates processes between different applications so hoteliers can work more efficiently and drive more profit to the bottom line.

Bridge allows automated processes that function across a variety of applications by allowing users to define workflows, or actions that will be executed according to defined conditions. Bridge can query multiple applications to check for conditions, filter data and take relevant actions.

“Hoteliers today are continually challenged with finding ways to do more with less, and one solution is to rely on technology to automate tasks that were once done manually,” says SHR CEO Rodrigo Jimenez. “For this reason, SHR has developed Bridge, a platform that allows hotels to easily manage processes between different applications by creating automated workflows in a user-friendly manner.”

“In today’s hotel technology ecosystem, operators will use one system to do analysis and then enter that information into another system to take action,” says David Moneo, SHR’s Vice President of Artificial Intelligence Initiatives. “Our goal with Bridge was to automate that process so hoteliers can login to one system to create and schedule workflows while allowing data to pass seamlessly from one system to another. With reduced staff at most hotels across the globe, our focus has shifted to automating functionalities so hoteliers can spend more time developing strategies and less time performing simple tasks.”

Bridge was developed with several features meant to alleviate today’s pain points for hotels, including:

  • Using a simple API framework, hoteliers can connect Bridge to other systems or data sources to collect information and execute actions in a very agile way.
  • Scheduling functionality allows the execution of workflows on a specified date, time, or frequency; and autopilot functionality provides the ability to execute workflows without user supervision.

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