SHR Launches Automated Upsell Functionality to Help Hoteliers Drive Incremental Revenue

HOUSTON – July 27, 2022 – SHR, which offers a suite of solutions to help hoteliers improve the guest experience and drive revenue at each touchpoint along the guest journey, has launched automated upsell functionality that accelerates hoteliers’ ability to drive additional revenue. 

The functionality allows hoteliers to automatically send upsell offers to guests based on real-time availability and rates – with or without discounting – saving time traditionally spent on manual upsell programs. Processes are fully automated – emails are triggered with offers and reservations are seamlessly updated once a guest accepts. The front desk team is now freed up to perform other tasks that provide additional value to the guest. 

The automated upsell functionality enables hotel teams to: 

  • Promote and sell higher room categories or services to existing confirmed reservations via email 
  • Reduce the number of complimentary upgrades required to balance inventory 
  • Tier offer rates specifically to reward guests (with SHR’s Maverick CRM loyalty functionality in place) 

“This automated upsell functionality is a powerful tool to help hoteliers increase incremental revenue and conversions while showcasing their property’s value,” says Allegra Medina, Director of Product. “Hoteliers can design and automate the upsell strategy for each property’s unique needs and patterns. Additionally, it allows hoteliers to enhance the guest experience by adding value during the pre-stay part of the guest journey. That helps to build trust, promote engagement and encourage repeat business.” 

To learn more about how SHR’s new upsell functionality can help your business, request a demo here. 

About SHR 

Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR) delivers solutions for hotels to improve guest satisfaction at each touchpoint – from marketing, booking, and on-property experience – while driving revenue every step of the way. More than 2,000 hotels around the world rely on Windsurfer CRS to optimize their channel mix, Maverick CRM to personalize their guests’ experiences, or Wave RMS to maximize revenue and profitability. Headquartered in Houston with offices in Barcelona and Singapore, SHR deploys deeply integrated, cloud-based software built in an open, API-first framework that reduces the cost, time and development work associated with connecting systems. Learn more at​ 

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