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The most sophisticated CRS for casino hotels.

Windsurfer® CRS has developed highly refined algorithms for the booking engine (IBE) and CRO applications that seamlessly combine complex rate blending algorithms with Comp restriction logic within the CRS’s availability search. This allows the property or casino to:

  1. Add restrictions to the booking of Comp and Casino rates based on guest rank and tier above and beyond the recommendations of the offer management system.
  2. Cap the number of Comp and Casino room nights available to the guest within a blended reservation.
  3. Cap the number of Comp and Casino nights based on current or future reservations eg. limiting back-to-back reservations, support for overlapping and layered reservations.
Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Windsurfer has developed deep integrations to several identity server management systems, offer management systems, loyalty or player management systems, CRM systems, and payment gateways.

These integrations enable a smooth guest experience as the guest transitions between brand website, CRM/ player management system, and booking engine.

They also allow the Casino to automate offer redemption tracking.

Data security is paramount to SHR. In addition to being PCI compliant, Windsurfer possesses the flexibility to cater to clients with highly diverse security needs.

  1. Windsurfer has the ability to tailor the CRS solution based on a Casino’s security needs. We currently offer a pure SAAS, dedicated database, or a dedicated CRS environment.
  2. The CRO application can be customized to integrate with Casino call center telephony systems to standardize sensitive application access and security across all call center employees.
  3. The CRO application can also be integrated with SRED devices to obfuscate credit card entry and pause or resume call recording during payment over-the-phone transactions.

Harold Henning Jr., Director of Hotel Revenue Management with Resort World Casinos, Queens, New York joins Jason Emanis on this episode of the Soundbites podcast.


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