History of SHR



Sceptre was born in 1988 as a reseller of distribution products for the hospitality industry. For over 20 years, Sceptre achieved great success as a reseller of various central reservations systems in the industry. With the addition of the Revenue Management for Hire service in 2011, Sceptre expanded its offerings to include one of the only truly outsourced revenue management solutions in the industry at the time.

Whiteboard Labs

Founded in 2004 as an innovation lab focused on the travel industry, Whiteboard Labs created and launched applications like MotionNotes and the widely-used Windsurfer® CRS. The team at Whiteboard Labs had previously founded Webvertising, the Houston-based company that brought the iHotelier CRS to the industry. The roots of the company go back to 1994 with the launch of Webvertising and run deep in the hospitality vertical.

The Formation of SHR

In 2012, Sceptre merged with Whiteboard Labs to create Sceptre Hospitality Resources, LLC (SHR). In 2015, the company reintroduced itself to the market as SHR to better reflect the new identity that the merger created.

Moving Forward

Building on a history of innovation, SHR Group continues to chart new technological territory for its hotel clients to help them execute their best distribution and revenue generation strategies with CRS, booking engine, and revenue management technology and services. This includes an evolving suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions, all part of SHR Group’s larger vision of the Force10 engine; a combination of SHR Group hospitality and technology knowledge, plus AI. The company also offers Revenue Management for Hire to brands, chains, and management companies, offering customizable, fresh perspectives in revenue management.

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