Hotel Booking Engine

The Windsurfer® Booking Engine

With cross-selling features and suggestive selling prompts, the Windsurfer hotel booking engine is fully optimized for single-property independents, multi-property groups, and large hotel brands, making it easier to increase bookings across all markets.

Responsive Design

Guests view your site and booking engine on a variety of devices. With Windsurfer, a single, responsive booking engine is all you need to reach every guest using the formats you need for every device.

booking engine responsive design

The Shopping Cart

Guests can feel at ease when shopping for a room or as they add or edit items in their cart, booking multiple dates of stay, each with multiple rooms and multiple occupancies, and booking at multiple properties within the same chain within the same reservation, plus much more.

Persuasive Messaging

By displaying relevant availability messages under room types and/or packages, persuasive messaging can help you create a sense of urgency for a booking confirmation, or just to reassure a guest they’ve made a great choice.

Call to Continue™

Once a guest has searched and added reservation information to their cart, they have the option to enter a call to continue by simply touching a number on their mobile device. The reservation information is sent to the hotel’s call center with a unique Cart ID, allowing it to go to an agent to pick up where the guest left off, completing the booking.

booking engine call to continue

Save for Later

Guests can save a cart by entering an e-mail address. A link to their cart is then e-mailed to them so they can complete the booking process later instead of losing their information.

booking engine save for later

Enhanced Add-On Features

Windsurfer allows items to be added in the cart view—even if the itinerary is multi-room and multi-property. Guests have the option of viewing their itinerary costs in an easy to read and understand Summary or Detail format.

booking engine add-on features

Blended Rates

When a guest is viewing availability for a desired rate and that rate is unavailable on one or more of their selected dates, a pre-determined rate can fill-in the unavailable dates providing the guest a desirable alternative of blended rates, saving the booking, and saving your guest added frustration.

Mobile-Only Rates

Special rates and offers can be available exclusively for mobile bookings. Combined with the ease of mobile booking offered via the booking engine, your guests will enjoy special mobile rates with no hassle booking.

Room Attributes Filtering

Guests can quickly filter availability results by selecting desired room attributes. For example, the guest can see all available rooms that have king-sized beds and direct pool access or all available suites that have an ocean view.

booking engine room attributes filtering

Enriched Discount Code Fields

To facilitate promotions and up-selling, Windsurfer offers a Discount Code field on the shopping cart and checkout screens. These screens also highlight any discounts the guest has already received during the booking process.

booking engine enriched discounts

Easy Channel Management

We know it’s important to connect to many distribution channels in order to capture demand. Rely on Windsurfer to directly manage your booking channels.

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