Master CRS Integration

Two-Way PMS Interface

With a seamless two-way PMS interface, you’ll experience enhanced options like single point of entry and quicker channel control, which means better management, more attractive offerings, and, ultimately, more bookings.

Revenue Optimization that Works

By simplifying the sometimes complicated RO processes and streamlining your interactions with all your stakeholders (internal and external), you can deliver more certainty into all of your integrations, allowing you to execute on your RO strategy by having the right price, in the right channel, at the right time.

Guest Data that Matters

With a CRS that feeds smoothly from the PMS, you’ll get guest data that is deeper and richer, empowering you to create better guest experiences and loyalty programs.

What's Next ?

Hotel CRS System

Streamline Distribution Strategy

Once you’ve mastered integration, you’re ready to line up your best distribution strategy.

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Hotel Booking System

Having It All

Aligning your PMS/CRS connection with systems, service, and support.

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Hotel Booking Engine Sofware

Webinar: CRS Integration

Ian and other SHR experts go deeper into the PMS/CRS connection in this focused webinar.

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Contact our sales reps, and they’ll walk you through a personalized demo of solutions, tailored to help you grow your hotel business. Learn how to maximize your distribution channels and optimize your revenue management by taking full advantage of our decades of experience in the hospitality industry.

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