The Hotel Tech Podcast

The Hotel Tech Podcast

Episode 30

Is Your Hotel Ready For Conversational eCommerce?

What is conversational ecommerce? Our guest explains that it’s the intersection between messaging apps and shopping, empowering brands to interact directly with consumers. How does this impact the guest journey? The guest experience during their stay? Your hotel revenue? Only one way to find out…listen in now!

Guests: Lex ten Veen, EVP Strategic Partnerships, Uberall, former CEO of Navads
Time: 28 minutes

Episode 29

Google’s Efforts to Simplify the Hotel Guest Journey

Glenn and Estella are joined by Cliff Galitz from Google Travel to break down Google’s efforts to simplify the guest’s travel planning process and how to secure your hotel strong leads by leveraging Google My Business and all the cool intelligence and automation wrapped up in Google Hotel Ads.

Guests: Cliff Galitz, Partner Development Manager, Google
Time: 18 minutes

Episode 28

Customer Experience 2.0 and your hotel’s reputation

Savvy hoteliers are taking control of their hotel’s reputation with guest feedback technology, but it’s their embrace of Customer Experience 2.0—dealing with issues, real-time, and putting that data in motion, that is making a huge difference. Why is this different than historical hotel surveys? It’s easier than ever to engage with a guest while still in-house, gathering positive, and negative feedback, but most importantly, allowing issues to be resolved before the guest leaves, before they bash your brand online. The scintillating Mareesa Hoglund from SocialSurvey, joins Glenn and Estella to talk us through using technology to keep your hotel’s reputation immaculate.

Guests: Mareesa Hoglund, Customer Success Manager, SocialSurvey
Time: 22 minutes

Episode 27

How is AI and machine learning going to make hoteliers more money while making guests happy?

Hoteliers have been talking about collecting data for years, but have struggled to turn it into something practical. Now, the advances in technology and processing power are allowing the use of machine learning to leverage that data in meaningful ways. But, what does that really mean? Kelly McGuire sits down with Glenn and Estella while at HITEC 2019 to break it all down for us.

Guests: Kelly McGuire, PhD, Revenue Management, Cornell and former Sr VP, Revenue Management at MGM
Time: 25 minutes

Episode 26

Breaking Down the Challenges and Opportunities with Your Hotel’s PMS

Seasoned Revenue Manager, Collette Barss, joins Glenn and Estella on the floor at HITEC 2019 to talk about moving the use of a hotel’s property management system beyond simply ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out.’ But, the PMS is siloed is it not? Where can we go from here and what’s on her wish list? Listen in to found out!

Guests: Collette Barss, Revenue Manager, Portola Hotel & Spa
Time: 21 minutes

Episode 25

Let’s Rally! How Collaboration Between Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management Can Drive the Highest Profit In Your Hotel

Keeping Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management on the same page in a 20-property boutique hotel collection is no small task. This is not a big brand, with big brand support. These small departments are crafting unique experiences from the mountains to the sea. Dan Rollins from Abuerge Resorts Collection joins Glenn and Estella and walks them through how these teams decide on a single source of truth, from which systems, and who sees the most relevant data for them, how to set goals, take action, and what to expect as a result. What should they expect? “…understanding guest behavior, what’s driving them, what’s making them happy, what doesn’t—and booking a better mix of business.” Learn more by listening in now!

Guests: Dan Rollins, Corporate Director, Revenue Manager, Auberge Resorts Collection
Time: 20 minutes

Episode 24

A Sit Down with Sean O’Neil from Skift LIVE from HITEC

Sean O’Neill, from Skift, sits down with Glenn during a live recording on the showroom floor of HITEC 2019, to talk about how all the private equity and roll up of various companies and solutions could retool the hotel tech landscape.

Guest: Sean O’Neill, Travel Technology Editor, Skift
Time: 26 minutes

Episode 23

HITEC Wrap-up with Scot Campbell, CHTP

Scot Campbell, the President, Board of Directors, with Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®), who produce HITEC, joins Glenn–Estella was busy demoing, to record on the show floor during HITEC 2019. Scot is also the CTO North American Concerts with Live Nation Entertainment, and is in the Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame!

Scot and Glenn discuss the biggest tech trends he sees relevant to the future of the hotel business. It’s all in this show and you do not want to miss this one.
Time: 25 minutes

Episode 22

The Tech of HITEC

The Hotel Tech Podcast was podcasting on the HITEC show floor, and we have many great interviews we’ll be running during the next couple of weeks.

Today, it’s a roundup of interviews focusing on great tech companies and leaders. In this show Estella Hale, Chief Evangelist with SHR and co-host Glenn Haussman share their impressions of the trade show before going to interviews with:

Todd Davis, CEO of SkyTouch Technology

Michael Bennett, SVP of Global Marketing with Cendyn

Luis Segredo, CEO and Laurent Idrac, COO at

Parminder Batra, CEO, TrakNProtect

Time: 40 minutes

Episode 21

5G Is Coming. Will Your Hotel Be Ready?

Go back to when 4G came out. No one could have imagined the impact it would make on our lives. There was no Uber, Instagram or Snapchat prior to 4G. 5G has the potential to revolutionize how hotels market themselves, engage with guests while on-property, and mange day-to-day operations. The press is out on 5G but when will it really be ready to make a difference? When should your hotel be ready to invest, and in what will it be investing in, exactly? One thing is for sure, the ultimate 5G experience is not anything like the 5G we know today. So, what’s in store for hoteliers? Jake Moskowitz, from Emodo, an Ericsson company, joins Glenn and Estella to break down what we know today, what is possible and when.

Guest: Jake Moskowitz, VP of Data Solutions, Emodo *Checkout Emodo’s new podcast, ‘Five: The 5G Podcast for Marketers.
Time: 36 minutes

Episode 20

Artificial Intelligence–an Exciting Time for Hotels

“It’s like discovering a map that will take you to buried treasure that you didn’t realize existed.” In this episode, with the help of our very special guest, Glenn and Estella, simplify what AI and machine learning ‘is doing’ and ‘will do’ for hotels.

Guest: Roberto Battiti, University of Trento
Time: 35 minutes

Episode 19

Everything Your Hotel Should Know About Voice Search

By 2020, 50% of search will be by voice. What’s driving voice search? What is your hotel going to do not get left behind? The CEO of Milestone, the digital marketing company for hotels, joins Glenn and Estella to talk about the state of voice search and what your hotel should be doing now.

Guest: Anil Aggarwal, CEO, Milestone, Inc.
Time: 33 minutes

Episode 18

Your Hotel Can Compete by Deploying Right-sized Distribution

One size doesn’t fit all. Glenn and Estella chat with Millennium’s SVP of Digital Distribution & Revenue Strategy about his approach to right-sizing distribution.

Guest: Nayan Peshkar, SVP Digital Distribution & Revenue Strategy, Millennium Hotels & Resorts
Time: 38 minutes

Episode 17

State of the Revenue Management System

Vivek Bhogarju joins Glenn and Estella to talk about the current crossroads hoteliers find themselves with regards to understanding and adoption of today’s revenue management systems.

Guest: Vivek Bhogaraju, Director, Revenue Management Systems, Expedia
Time: 34 minutes

Episode 16

Know Thy Guest: Is Personalization the Key to Bookings?

The battle between OTAs and booking direct rages on, and while brands are expected to continue inching forward with reservations, hotels continue to struggle with loyalty, rewards, and personalization. Glenn, Estella, and our guest, Robert Cole, break it all down.

Guest: Robert Cole, RockCheetah, Founder and Phocuswright’s Lodging Senior Research Analyst and J.D. Power Senior Consultant
Time: 49 minutes

Episode 15

Understanding Personalization and Guest Profile Ownership

What should personalization look like for hotels? Who truly owns the guest profile? Expedia? Google? Join our hosts, Glenn and Estella, as they sit down to chat with Andy Owen Jones about this and more.

Guest: Andy Owen Jones, CEO, bd4Travels
Time: 33 minutes

Episode 14

State of the Hotel Tech Stack

Jennifer Jones of J2 Hospitality Solutions joins Glenn and Estella to contemplate the current state of the hotel technology stack. How does your hotel stack up? Listen to find out!

Guest: Jennifer Jones, President, J2 Hospitality Solutions
Time: 33 minutes

Episode 13

A Chat With Dhisco’s Newly Appointed President, Chinmai Sharma

Chinmai Sharma, President, Dhisco, chats it up with Glenn and Estella on the rationale for the recent acquisition from RateGain, which is now basically the largest distribution specialist in the world, and how this increases the competitiveness of hotels around the world.

Guest: Chinmai Sharma, President, Dhisco
Time: 32 minutes

Episode 12

Taking Down Tech Silos in Hotels

Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist, IDEAS, walks our co-hosts through the origins of tech silos, primarily disparate legacy systems, leading up to today’s modern tech stack providing a great experience for the guest, from booking through stay.

Guest: Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist, IDEAS
Time: 32 minutes

Episode 11

Will Tech Save Your Hotel in 2019?

Max Starkov, HEBS Digital, breaks down with our co-hosts the need for hoteliers to first resolve “the big picture” of customer engagement, acquisition and retention and its underlying technology solutions like CMS, CRS, CRM, RMS, ORM, etc., before falling for “shiny widgets.”

Guest: Max Starkov, former President & CEO, HEBS Digital, now Founder & Director
Time: 40 minutes

Episode 10

Have a Happier Holiday with Better Bookings

Chris Blaine, VP, Global Sales & Customer Success at Sojern shares the secrets you need to ensure your hotel has a very merry holiday season with show host Estella Hale, Chief Product Evangelist at SHR and No Vacancy’s Glenn Haussman.

Guest: Chris Blaine, Vice President – Global Sales & Customer Success, Sojern
Time: 33 minutes

Episode 9

A Hotelier’s Digital Marketing & eCommerce Strategy

This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at The Time Hotel in NYC. Our guest, Michael Zayas, Corporate Director of Digital Marketing and eCommerce for Real Hospitality Group, discusses the current realities of guest booking, and the importance of clearly communicating your hotel brand to attract and convert more users.

Guest: Michael Zayas, Corporate Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce, Real Hospitality Group
Time: 29 minutes

Episode 8

Driving Direct Demand with Facebook and Google

We sat down with Sanjay Wahi, VP of Product Management at Sojern, to find out how you can start using guest habits and information from Facebook and Google to your hotel’s best advantage.

Guest: Sanjay Wahi, Vice President of Product Management at Sojern
Time: 36 minutes

Episode 7

Are You Shopping the Right Way for Your Hotel Tech?

In episode 7 of The Hotel Tech Podcast, Glenn and Estella speak with two great guests: Chuck Valentino, V.P. of Operations for Vagabond Inn, and Jordan Hollander, co-founder of Hotel Tech Report to learn what their opinions on the state of hotel tech are.

Guests: Chuck Valentino, Vice President of Operations for Vagabond Inn, and Jordan Hollander, Co-Founder of Hotel Tech Report
Time: 48 minutes

Episode 6

Best-in-Class Hotel Revenue Strategy: Unpacking RLH RevPak

In this episode, we sit down with Greg Mount, President and CEO of Red Lion Hotel (RLH) Corporation to find out how his team took a 40-year old hotel brand and brought it into a new era via the RLH RevPak, and how their vision can help other hoteliers win their own markets.

Guest: Greg Mount, President and CEO of Red Lion Hotel Corporation
Time: 34 minutes

Episode 5

Latest Industry Survey: Are Hoteliers and Their Tech Vendors on the Same Page?

In the latest episode of The Hotel Tech Podcast, Glenn and Estella discuss a new hospitality industry survey that asks if today’s hoteliers are on the same page with their technology vendors.

Guest: Stuart Butler, COO for Fuel Marketing
Time:  36 minutes

Episode 4

Meeting Your Hotel Guests Where They Are Through Predictive Marketing Tech

With so many data-gathering technologies emerging in the last few years, knowing what to choose to serve your guest and your hotel is a growing challenge.

Guest: Rich Maradik, Founder of nSight for Travel
Time: 34 minutes

Episode 3

What Was Hot at HITEC & ROC 2018 and Why It Matters to Hoteliers

Glenn Haussman and Estella Hale, Chief Product Evangelist with SHR, take a look at the hot topics from HITEC 2018.

Guests: Doug Tucker, Director of Product Managment for SHR, and Nicole Adair, Corporate Director of Revenue Management for SHR
Time:  34 minutes

Episode 2

Why Most Hotels Fall Short of Their Integration Goals, and How to Reach Yours

On this episode of The Hotel Tech Podcast, we sit down with Kevin Duncan, Vice President of Revenue Management for Classic Hotels & Resorts to discuss what he has seen in his day-to-day experiences with hotel technology integrations.

Guest: Kevin Duncan, Vice President of Revenue Management for Classic Hotels & Resorts
Time:  35 minutes

Episode 1

The Cost of Distribution: Why It Matters When Managing Channels

To kick off our Hotel Tech Podcast series, we sat down with Wendy Norris, Corporate Director of Revenue Management and E-Commerce for Valencia Group, to discuss the study, what she has seen in her day-to-day, real-life experiences, SHR’s position, and what this all may mean for your hotel business.

Guest: Wendy Norris, Corporate Director of Revenue Management and E-Commerce for Valencia Group
Time: 31 minutes

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