SHR Integrates with DerbySoft to Provide Advanced Distribution Tool

DALLAS and HOUSTON, TX, May 15, 2019SHR, Sceptre Hospitality Resources, a pioneer of advanced hotel distribution technologies and developer of Windsurfer® CRS, has become fully integrated with DerbySoft, a leader in high-performance distribution services with over 280 connections to OTA, wholesaler, and tour operating groups globally.

Hotel properties that utilize both DerbySoft and Windsurfer will now be able to enjoy additional distribution, connecting with larger wholesalers and OTA distributors they might not otherwise have access to, creating a more powerful potential revenue stream.

“Over the last few years, one of the biggest needs I’ve heard from hoteliers is being able to connect to a variety of wholesalers,” said Amanda Meeks, Product Manager for SHR. “Meeting hoteliers’ needs is our main concern at SHR. Because DerbySoft already works with a large list of tour operators and wholesalers, and continues to expand that list, our new connection to the DerbySoft Go Console product will allow SHR to help our hotel clients close some of their distribution gaps, and provide a great new way to grow their hotel businesses.”

DerbySoft’s mission is to connect hotels and distributors with the most accurate information—including availability, rates, inventory, and content—to improve conversions and bookings.

“Our partnership with SHR gives our distribution partners access to an industry leading CRS, enabling access to thousands of properties,” said Duane Overgaard, VP and GM of Connectivity for DerbySoft. “This partnership is a win for both hotels and lodging partners because it offers guests the best booking experience no matter what channel they use to book a room online.”

The DerbySoft integration is immediately available to all SHR Windsurfer clients.

About SHR

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific, SHR is a leading provider of advanced tools and services that help hotels execute their best distribution strategy while delighting guests and optimizing profitability. The technical maturity of SHR—having built not one but two Central Reservations Systems (CRS)—is second to none. In addition to serving thousands of properties around the globe with Windsurfer® CRS and Booking Engine, plus Wave™ RMS, the company also provides Revenue Management for Hire to brands, chains, and management companies. SHR brings hoteliers nimble technology, intelligently supported by tested industry experts—keeping hotels competitive. For more information, please visit

SHR is the trade name for Sceptre Hospitality Resources, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company.

About DerbySoft

DerbySoft enables travel companies to work together through technology and innovation. As the leading provider of high-performance hotel distribution, DerbySoft connects distributors and suppliers through the Connectivity Suite by offering streamlined connectivity at both the CRS and PMS levels. DerbySoft also provides solutions for suppliers through the Digital Marketing Suite, which uses machine learning and rich data to drive high-performing digital marketing campaigns, and the Content Suite, a platform for collecting, managing and distributing quality hotel content to drive higher booking conversions.

With six offices around the globe and over 300 employees in over 11 countries, DerbySoft continues to grow and develop the next generation of online hotel distribution infrastructure.

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