Smart CRS – Windsurfer® CRS Enterprise

Personalize the Booking Experience
and Build Guest Engagement

Windsurfer Smart CRS includes advanced features that enable hotels to connect with their guests through a personalized booking experience, including guest recognition and personalized recommendations.

Guest Booking Experience with Smart CRS

1 Research

The guest is provided a seamless transition when browsing the website, booking engine or calling the contact center. The offers available to book are clearly communicated or displayed to the guest.

2 Reserve

Guests are then met with a compelling message to access exclusive benefits and services, which encourages them to register for your guest recognition program. Guests then register and book their stay.

3 Recognize

Hoteliers now have the ability to recognize the guest each time they stay. With the data in your system, you can begin to anticipate their needs. Guest information is now on file for marketing and future bookings.

Drive Direct Bookings

Reward guests booking via your direct booking channel and contact guests via personalized messages and email campaigns.

  • Unique booking experience to reward direct bookings
  • Access to global audience with all major distribution channels
  • Customized guest communications
The Benefits of Personalization

Studies show that returning customers spend as much as 3x more per transaction than first-time guests. Acquiring a new customer can be 10x as expensive as incentivizing a previous customer to return.

Direct booking channels offer more flexibility to showcase your property’s value and capture higher rates. With the right integrations, hotels have the opportunity to offer a more personalized and convenient guest experience, which leads to better upselling opportunities.


  • Lower rates, higher value
  • Personalized experiences to enhance guest stay
  • Expedited future bookings


  • Higher ADR, lower cost of acquisition
  • Repeat direct bookings
  • Meaningful and consistent engagement

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