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SHR Soundbites, the podcast for busy hoteliers looking for expert advice, tips, and tricks on leveraging technology to increase revenues and profitability. These are 5-10 minute episodes. Hear from hoteliers, industry experts, including SHR staff, many whom were once hoteliers themselves.

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A Hotel’s Digital Appearance & Revenue Management

Revenue Manager, Alex Cao, breaks down the importance of a hotel’s
digital appearance and the impact it has on
executing their revenue management strategy.

Guest: Alex Cao, Director of Revenue Management, SHR

It’s Consortia Season! What Your Hotel Needs To Do, Now!

Luz sits down with Jason to talk about considerations for getting ready for the 2020 RFP season, what’s working for the hotels and how they are standing out among their competition.

Guest: Luz Harvey, Consortia Manager, SHR

5 Things Every Hotel Should Do To Prep for Summer Season

Maila joins the show with a critical list for any hotel gearing up for the summer season.

Guest: Maila Wali, Client Success Manager, SHR

Booking the Transformative Traveler via Travel Agents and the GDS

Spend 3 minutes with Matt and Jason as they break down the ‘transformative traveler’ and how hotels can leverage travel agents and the GDS to book these adventures.

Guest: Matt Braddy, Key Client Success Manager, SHR

How to choose an RMS with Zoltan from Danubius

From the size of your vendor to the length of time for a suitable pilot program, Danubius Hotel Group’s Group Director of Revenue and Distribution, Zoltán Bogár’, walks us through selecting your next RMS.

Guest: Zoltán Bogár’, Group Director of Revenue and Distribution, Danubius Hotel Group

How to Automate Your Revenue Management Without an RMS!

Not buying a revenue management system anytime soon? Here’s a quick breakdown, from SHR’s Corporate Director of Revenue Management, of what your hotel should consider when automating the execution of your pricing strategy.

Guest: Nicole Adair, Corporate Director of Revenue Management

Metasearch. It is a big deal!

Client Success Manager, Jessica, joins Jason to chat about why metasearch continues to be a great option for independent hotels.

Guest: Jessica Hobson, Client Success Manager, SHR

Choose a Tech Vendor Who Shares Your Values

Meet Amanda, HSMAI’s Arizona Professional of the Year 2017, and a major player in the development of GreenTree Hospitality Group. She says, “who we partner with has a direct and powerful impact on our franchisees, and how they see our capabilities in helping them.” You can read all about her journey, state of hotel tech, the CRS, vendor selection and on-boarding, and more in here.

Guest: Amanda Saye, VP of Franchise Operations, GreenTree Hospitality Group

Combating Rate Parity With Ian Kemp

Jason cites interesting stats from RateGain research that highlights how bad rate parity remains for hotels and Ian Kemp, Director of Client Success at SHR, provides a little advice on how to manage.

Guest: Ian Kemp, Director Client Success, SHR

Getting the Most Out of Your PMS-CRS Integration

PMS data access and use is huge for hotels! But, how many systems must you hunt through to locate the data that means the most? Jesse gives our audience tips on getting the most out of your PMS-CRS data exchange.

Guest: Jesse Parks, Key Client Success Manager, SHR

Selecting Your Hotel Tech Stack With Craig From The Durham Hotel

The Durham Hotel’s Director of Sales & Marketing passes along the most valuable advice he’s received regarding selecting the technology that runs his hotel.

Guest: Craig Shipley, Director of Sales & Marketing, The Durham Hotel

Managing 9 Hotels Without a Revenue Manager

Becky helps me tease our latest Client Spotlight, IDM Hospitality Management, by answering the question, ‘How does IDM manage 9 properties without a Revenue Manager? Read about Becky and IDM in here.

Guest: Becky Rogers, VP of Operations of IDM Hospitality Management

Talking Google Hotel Ads With Nathan

Client Success Manager, Nathan, talks about the huge impact Google Hotel Ads is making for hotels.

Guest: Nathan Nokes, Key Client Success Manager, SHR

Put OTAs to Work For Your Hotel

SHR’s VP of Marketing, Jason Emanis, talks OTAs and a proper channel mix for independent hotels with Matt Braddy.

Guest: Matt Braddy, Key Client Success Manager, SHR

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