At SHR, we pride ourselves on not just being a vendor, but a real partner to you in your hotel business. See what some of our clients are saying about their experiences.

I highly recommend SHR — the best in the industry!Gregory Mount, President & CEO, Red Lion Hotel Group
You guys are great! Every experience I have had with you all for all services we have used has been a wonderful/positive experience.Cindy Woolley, Kahler Hospitality Group
SHR’s OTA and GDS direct connectivity is a definite enhancement over products we have used in the past.Kristi Garrahan, Director, Central Reservations System, Red Lion Hotels
Our Revenue Managers are saving all kinds of time and energy with SHR Rzr. The fight with spreadsheets is over.”La Donna Lee, Revenue Manager, Moody Gardens Hotel Spa & Convention Center
Between streamlining our systems, the improved interfaces, and the ability to call upon SHR when we need them, we’re home.Wendy Norris, Corp. Director of RM and E-Commerce, Valencia Group
We conduct our business with the firm belief that ‘one size does not fit all.’ Because SHR gets this, we get solid technical muscle that can be configured to it our needs.Paul Thomas, VP of Operations, Live Oak Lodging
I’m in Windsurfer every day, building new packages that used to take forever in our old system. Now, one call to SHR, five clicks, and I’m out.Nikki Patterson, Director of Marketing, Live Oak Lodging
Without a real revenue manager, we would have chaos. There are too many channels, group rates, and relationships out there to manage on our own. With SHR, it’s all under control.Tim Reed, GM, El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel
So many of the larger CRS companies today were born out of a systems-based mentality, so if the system is up, they’re happy. SHR is a hotelier-based at its heart, which means they aren’t happy until we are.Chuck Valentino, VP of Operations, Vagabond Inn
With Windsurfer’s varied reporting, we can do things across the entire chain now very quickly, and still see each individual hotel. I make one change, and it’s done for all.Chuck Valentino, VP of Operations, Vagabond Inn
Because of the steady progression of system enhancements and their willingness to be there for us, we know we have the right teach and the right partner to handle anything that comes our way.Kyle Lee, VP of Marketing, Vagabond Inn
Napa is a fiercely competitive market, so we need the strongest CRS partner we can find. With SHR, we have the flexibility, channel outreach, and visibility we need to not only stay in the game, but win it more often.Corrina Cuevas, Revenue Manager, Wine Country Inn & Cottages
To say that Windsurfer has been instrumental in our confidence level is an understatement. We’ve seen bookings grow 23% YOY, and revenue grow 28% YOY.Niki Gross, Managing Director, Whitney Peak Hotel
Not only has the number of direct bookings gone up with Windsurfer, but the quality of those bookings has increased as well. I feel like anything is possible now.Hatta Othman, Manager of Corporate Sales an E-Commerce, Izumi Hotel
Year over year with Windsurfer, we’ve gone up about 20% in direct bookings, and our occupancy rate has soared from 50% to 80% as well.Hatta Othman, Manager of Corporate Sales and E-Commerce, Izumi Hotel
Each of our properties is distinctly unique, like a person. We’re not a cookie cutter… and neither is SHR.Heather Strout, Director of RM, Kennebunkport Resort Collection
Because Windsurfer made us more available and easy to find, our bookings went up 60% YOY across the board.Heather Strout, Director of RM, Kennebunkport Resort Collection
With our previous providers, it was only about systems. With SHR we have all three pieces of the puzzle – strong technology at a fair price with outstanding support to back it up.Stacey Howlett, General Manager, Hotel Ignacio
With Windsurfer, we can push our ADR and keep up with market rate reductions, all without reducing perceived value.Chanice Dos Santos, Digital Marketing Manager, Historic Key West Inns
Windsurfer’s seamless 2-way communication is huge for us, because if our CRS and PMS can’t talk to each other freely, our promotions can’t reach the GDS. And from our perspective, the GDS is as vital as our connection to the OTAs.Chanice Dos Santos, Digital Marketing Manager, Historic Key West Inns
Growth is spectacular for Sundial this year as we have exceeded budgeted forecasts by 22% in occupancy, 9% in RevPAR and up 13% in ADR since the implementation of Windsurfer® CRS. It doesn’t surprise me that SHR is growing as well. They provide a top-tier distribution platform backed by unparalleled service, something their competitors struggle with.Brett Lindsay, Director of Sales & Marketing, Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

Windsurfer® CRS has proven easy to use at the hotel and corporate levels, allowing us to review the hotels as needed from a global view and also at the property connection level.Rick Day, Vice President of Marketing & IT Support, Real Hospitality Group

I would like to thank all SHR employees for their dedication towards the M&C account. You guys are good fun to work with — an honest, enthusiastic and committed bunch. Well done.Nayan Peshkar, Vice President of Revenue & eCommerce - Europe, Millennium & Copthorne

Thanks for your excellent service.Glen Hemington, General Manager, Copper Whale Inn

The team at SHR has been very helpful for all our needs here at Trust Hospitality. An example would be when we had an issue where we couldn’t find out why a certain room type wasn’t selling on our website and the team here at Trust looked at all the possible ways that we know and still couldn’t find the issue. This was very crucial to have that room type selling as it was a slow time period in the city and we wanted the lowest rate out there being shown. We emailed SHR’s Support team and they saw there was an error on that room type and were able to fix it within the hour. The Windsurfer® CRS team at SHR has been very helpful with everything we have asked them and when one team member goes on vacation, you guys still show dependability that the next team member can carry the load.Eric Monteagudo, Area Revenue Manager, Trust Hospitality

We have been happy with the ability to control content for the booking engine directly from the application and its flexibility to control rate displays. OTA and GDS direct connectivity is a definite enhancement over products we have used in the past.Kristi Garrahan, Director - Central Reservation Systems, Red Lion Hotels Corporation

SHR’s Windsurfer® CRS is a very user-friendly platform that allows us to maintain area rates and availability with ease. And they have an incredible support team that is knowledgeable, professional, and efficient.Wayne Nagel, Front Office Manager, Hotel CURRENT

Moody Gardens chose SHR because of the outstanding reputation it has in the hospitality industry. The Windsurfer® CRS and Booking Engine were the clear choices after looking at the competition, and the cutover transition to this new platform has been seamless and trouble-free. We could not be happier in the decision we made to partner with SHR.Garvin O'Neil, General Manager, Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center

We are excited to work with the Windsurfer® CRS team and product. Their innovative approach toward managing distribution channels and excellent customer service make them an ideal partner for our collection of properties.Debbie Lennon, Operating Partner, Kennebunkport Resort Collection

Each time that I have spoken with Kameron, he has been polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. Our other technical vendors (such as TravelClick and Visual Matrix) usually drop the ball when it comes to timeliness or helpfulness of issues.Nikki Patterson, Director of Marketing, Live Oak Lodging

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