Wave™ RMS

Catch the Wave

Why catch the wave? Because you need a Revenue Management System (RMS) you can control, not one that controls you.

Offering the best of AI with a human touch, Wave allows today’s Revenue Managers to break free from having to solely trust the ‘black box’ they are normally bound to by other revenue management systems, and start enjoying an ease and control not currently found in most of today’s RMSs.

Created with Revenue Managers in mind, Wave not only provides more consistently reliable data for better decisions, but also manages day-to-day pricing adjustments so you can focus on overall strategy—and get back to running your hotel.

Hotel Revenue Management System RMS


  • Hoteliers who may not be using an RMS, and who want to increase revenue
  • Hotels that need a more intelligent RMS workspace for deployment of their revenue strategies
  • Any size hotel struggling with the ability and resources to effectively analyze and execute on their data


Wave Algorithms

  • Provide accurate forecast by segment for the next 365 days
  • Produce a sophisticated calculation of elasticity to better understand the correlation between a change in price and the effect on demand
  • Optimize pricing recommendations by taking into account forecasted occupancy, elasticity, and number of days to arrival for each stay date
  • Use AI-powered number crunching, providing more and better calculations than many standard revenue management system processes

Strategy Builder

  • Includes an override feature for hoteliers to stay in control of their strategy
  • Allows hoteliers to set a variety of controls/limits on rate metrics
  • With this unique functionality, Revenue Managers can take control of optimizing their strategy
  • Allows some customization by combining your property’s best strategy with the power of AI pricing

Enhanced Reporting

  • Puts the right data at your fingertips in one click, in one report, eliminating the need to export multiple sets of data
  • Reports can be set from manual to automated when needed, providing quicker insights
  • Choices include pace and pick-up reports that drill down to rate code levels

Group Displacement

  • Wave RMS evaluates your demand forecast, plus the potential for ancillary revenue to calculate displacement, and recommends both minimum and target group pricing, so you can make the best decisions about group business for your hotel

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